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4 Books and an Organization: Leadership Resources

“Charles: Why am I always at, uh, weddings, and never actually getting married, Matt? Matthew: It’s probably ’cause you’re a bit scruffy. Or it could also be ’cause you haven’t met the right girl. Charles: Ah, but you see, is that it? Maybe I have met the right girls. Maybe I meet the right girls […]

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Corporate Training Should Spotlight Excellent Customer Service

Corporate training is all about staff development. There are many different topics that seem to receive a lot of attention, but one of the main areas should be that of customer service. Most of us have read hundreds of articles regarding customer service and they have all had the same theme. Take care of your […]

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Keeping Your Cool During an Event in the Summer

The summer months bring about extreme heat in Texas. These are also the months that many families have their family reunions and special occasions. Since many of the activities at an event occur outside, we wanted to give you some advice this month on staying “cool” in the middle of your outdoor entertainment. Getting too hot can […]

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Family Reunion Success

Families are important and they are made up of people who you can laugh, cry and share memories with. One of the most enjoyable and unforgettable things that families can do together is to plan and accomplish exciting family reunions. These amazing events give your children the opportunity to learn about family history and meet […]

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Choosing a Theme For Your Conference

Exciting conferences are essential for any successful organization. Whether it is for sales, customer service, entertainment, hospitality, consulting or a church ministry…holding a conference is a great way to bring people together. Planning, building teams, training or even recognizing achievements that have been accomplished throughout the year are all great reasons to hold a conference. […]

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Creative Teambuilding

Most of us have been on a “team” at some point during our lives.  Building the team is not always just a term used in the workplace. Sometimes it’s in our family, in sports or even in a church ministry. Why is it so important and why do we put high emphasis on teambuilding? No […]

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Your Corporate Spring Event Made Easy

Spring is a week away. By the time spring arrives, we are all usually dancing with spring fever. Since most events are held indoors during the winter, the season of spring is an awesome opportunity to host a stellar memorable event. Spring ushers in the beauty of nature and sets the stage for a perfect […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Will You Marry Me?

Approximately 2.6 million Americans get married every year and of those marriages about 10% of the proposals take place on Valentine’s Day! That makes Valentine’s the single most popular day of the year for proposals of matrimony. The definition of Romance is: “The feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” Many people celebrate this one day […]

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The Tradition of Giving Gifts

No matter what your age, you must agree that there is something very magical about this time of the year. After all, most of us wait with great anticipation all year long to begin the daily “countdown” to December 25th. For most of us, the great joy of Christmas is the opportunity to practice generosity. […]

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