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Choosing a Theme For Your Conference

Exciting conferences are essential for any successful organization.

Whether it is for sales, customer service, entertainment, hospitality, consulting or a church ministry…holding a conference is a great way to bring people together. Planning, building teams, training or even recognizing achievements that have been accomplished throughout the year are all great reasons to hold a conference.

Using a theme for your conference is an effective way to convey your message and it will guarantee that your attendees are prepared for a fun filled event. By branding the theme early and promoting the idea, your attendees will be ready to go. Everyone will look forward to what is in store and keep the excitement alive by talking about the upcoming event with their peers.

A well defined theme is a must for any meeting. Not only does it need to be well defined, but it should tie into your objective and program as well.

Always remember to consider your audience by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are they new employees or veterans?
  • Are they men, women or both?
  • Are they in a certain age group?
  • Will they buy into your intent and purpose for the conference?

Create a slogan or tag line and remember to build the entire conference around your theme.

Here are a few theme suggestions:

  • Reach For the Stars
  • Jump Start Your Service
  • James Bond 007
  • The Keys to Knowledge
  • Let’s Play Ball
  • Hollywood Themes
  • Let the Race Begin

Remember that your conference theme will be the centerpiece from which your presenters will focus. It will reinforce your key message and there will be a clear “call to action” when everyone leaves the event.

Have fun!

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