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Creative Teambuilding

Most of us have been on a “team” at some point during our lives.  Building the team is not always just a term used in the workplace. Sometimes it’s in our family, in sports or even in a church ministry.

Why is it so important and why do we put high emphasis on teambuilding?

No matter what the team is, the initiative of teambuilding allows you to bring out the best in people and produce the best results for working together. Sometimes, we even discover new skills and talents that we didn’t even know existed in our team members.

It is always advantageous to do the “unexpected” when trying to keep the attention of those involved in your “teambuilding” activities.  Here are a few creative suggestions to provide a different twist on your normal team building events.

1. Competitions About Healthy Eating –  Teams cooking meals together to see who can come up with the healthiest meal is a different way to promote healthy living.

2. High Tech Customized Excitement – Playing games that mimic television shows on high tech professional podiums can provide a new way to “showcase” star talent.

3. Interject Unexpected Excitement – Bring in a “Celebrity  Look- A- Like” to present awards to team members. They will never see it coming!

4. Athletic Games – Teams will strategize on the best approach for a “win/win” accomplishment. This will build cohesiveness and lasting bonds.

5. Teams That Make a Difference – Collaborate as a team on creating care packages for others. For example, creating care packages for Military servicemen and women will send a message that the team is thinking of them and can create an emotional team bond.

There are many times that we have all participated in team activities in the past. As we continue to strive for achieving greater results in the future, we might take a look at a different approach or a more creative method to teambuilding. These are but a few thoughts that could make for an unforgettable and successful event.

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