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Family Reunion Success

Families are important and they are made up of people who you can laugh, cry and share memories with. One of the most enjoyable and unforgettable things that families can do together is to plan and accomplish exciting family reunions. These amazing events give your children the opportunity to learn about family history and meet those relatives that they have never seen.

July is the most popular month for family reunions. It has also been proclaimed as National Family Reunion Month. How many times have you waited for the summer to get here with anticipation of your family reunion being just around the corner? Our curiosity gets the best of us. We all wait to see how everyone looks this year. We want to see the new babies, the new spouses and enjoy the gathering.

It takes a lot of hard work to prepare and plan a stellar reunion . Most reunion committees start planning immediately for the next reunion when the current year’s occasion is over.

A few of the things on the checklist are:

  • Site Selection
  • Budget or Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Correspondence and communication
  • T-shirts
  • Programming & activities
  • Family history
  • Food or Catering
  • Setup and Breakdown

If you add a couple of these ideas to your list of activities, you will leave your family with lasting memories.

  1. Create a Getting- to-Know-You (blank) family fact sheet – Give instructions that make it interesting such as find 3 people in the medical field, find someone who has gone to Asia, find a person with a tattoo, etc.
  2. A Photo Safari – Put members into teams and go to a designated area in the community and have each team take unusual and exciting photos. Give awards out at the end of the day for best lighting, best composition, best landscape, etc.
  3. Design a family cookbook – Focus on recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and have a section for kids to add their recipes too!
  4. Find interesting things in the city to do together – A dinner cruise, a bus tour, a museum, etc.
  5. A family soiree – Sharing family stories and lineage is a perfect way to end a fabulous reunion weekend.
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