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Keeping Your Cool During an Event in the Summer

The summer months bring about extreme heat in Texas. These are also the months that many families have their family reunions and special occasions. Since many of the activities at an event occur outside, we wanted to give you some advice this month

on staying “cool” in the middle of your outdoor entertainment.

Getting too hot can and will make many people ill if their bodies cannot cool off. Every year heat exposure causes an average of 658 deaths in the United States. That is more than all of the other natural disasters combined. Those who are most affected are the elderly, very young and mentally ill individuals. But even healthy people can get very sick from the extreme heat if their bodies are not able to release the heat and cool down properly.

Although reunions are well planned for inside facilities in the summer, many of your guest will still want to spend time outside. Especially, the children.

Here are a few suggestions to follow when you are holding an event during the hot summer months:

  •  Check your local weather forecast to make sure you are prepared for the temperature
  •  Plan most of your activities inside the air conditioned facility
  •  Suggest that your guest wear loose fitting cool clothing and hats on your invitations
  •  Have plenty of fluids readily available for everyone to drink (suggest drinking fluids every 20 – 30 minutes even if they are not thirsty when outside in the heat)
  •  Have water hose activities and games for the kids
  •  Announce during the event for the attendees to check their cars to make sure no children are left behind

Family reunions and conferences are a lot of fun during the summer months. Just remember to help keep everyone safe by following these few suggestions when experiencing the extreme heat. Happy summer!

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