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The Tradition of Giving Gifts

No matter what your age, you must agree that there is something very magical about this time of the year. After all, most of us wait with great anticipation all year long to begin the daily “countdown” to December 25th.

For most of us, the great joy of Christmas is the opportunity to practice generosity. In the subconscious mind of many, giving gifts is an obligation. However in a true and real sense of social consciousness, it is an opportunity to show our love during a time of the year that signifies peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Sometimes, showing love can be done in very “nontraditional” ways. Maybe the consideration of a few unique gifts this year will add a dash of spice, increased significance and a long lasting meaning to your usual gift giving.

Therefore, this year:

Why not try the gift of giving of yourself? Many people make it a point to bake homemade cookies for their family and friends.  They get up at the crack of dawn and lay out all of the ingredients and begin measuring and baking until the sun goes down. There is something about the sacrifice of a person’s time when it’s all wrapped up with the heart that gives those on the receiving end a special glow of appreciation. For an added touch, try adding a jar of homemade Russian Tea as well.

Why not try the gift of giving family time together? One of the best Christmas experiences a family can have is to come together with group activities such as playing games, going to see a movie or taking a trip to the zoo together. Shared experiences with the love of family, is a very special gift.

Why not try the gift of charity? Making a donation in someone else’s name is a great way to give at Christmas. There are so many hurting people that need hope during this time of the year. Teaching our children the gift of caring and giving to the less fortunate or the homeless is the ultimate gift within itself. There are so many organizations that welcome donations like toys, clothing, or simply food baskets.

The tradition of giving gifts will always be a part of Christmas. It started long ago with the Wise Men bringing their gifts to a baby. As we continue on in that same spirit of showing our love by giving gifts, we can take on a new direction of giving. It is a direction that will place your magical time of the year at a higher level… a level that takes our focus off of ourselves and puts it on others.

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